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Social Responsibility

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“Our actions today are building a sustainable business for tomorrow.”


Absolute embraces an environmentally-friendly policy, which recognises our influence on our surroundings, our community spirit and values, and how they contribute towards the preservation of our natural resources.

Absolute Environment

We aim to reduce, not simply offset, the impact of our activities on the environment by following a number of objectives. They include investing in technology in order to run a paperless office and help reduce destruction of forests, actively encouraging use of public transport and operating a car pool for office-based employees; and challenging employees to run or cycle to work at least one day a month.

Absolute Community

We encourage our employees to get involved in initiatives that promote the whole community or its principles. This includes engaging in charity, volunteer or ‘grass roots’ causes, especially where we can make a difference; participating in local community football and squash leagues; and taking part in team charity events raising money for worthy causes, such as The British Heart Foundation & Cancer Research. We actively support a wide range of charities, including the Freddie Farmer Foundation, which aims to set up a specialist centre in South East London for children with cerebral palsy and serious mobility problems.

Absolute Values

We believe we are all responsible for every aspect of our organisation’s performance and strive to deliver initiative-orientated results that exhibit indefatigable customer service, delivered by highly motivated employees, working in a safe, healthy, team environment. In particular, we aim to exceed customers’ expectations for providing economic insurance solutions and set the market standard for providing personal service accessibility, efficiency and effectiveness.

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